Give the Gift of Healthy Hair This Christmas with the Novex Brazilian Keratin Replenishing Gift Set


Have someone picky on your shopping list and can’t figure out what to buy them? Give the gift of great hair with the Novex Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Complex gift set. This gift set is the perfect sample of products for the beauty guru, traveler or secret Santa that needs to maintain flawless smooth hair at all times.


Now that we’ve covered what the gift set will do for your hair, you’re probably wondering what’s in it.  Below is a list of all the Novex products included in the set along with a brief description on how they work to achieve the smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair that is on every girl’s holiday wish list.


The products included in the gift set are…

Novex Brazilian Keratin Shampoo – This repairing formula contains Keratin protein to strengthen the hair and reinforce its structure. Not only will your hair be stronger, but you will also see an improvement in elasticity to prevent breakage. While the shampoo provides powerful Keratin and other nutrients, it is also gentle enough for every day use and won’t strip your hair of its essential natural oils. After getting your hair squeaky clean, you’ll notice increased softness, shine and movement to your strands.


Novex Max Keratin – If you are a victim of brittle and damaged hair, Novex Max Keratin is here to the rescue! This super concentrated Keratin protein penetrates deep into the hair structure to rebuild and restore your hair. Our advanced formula contains Hydrolyzed Keratin, which hair absorbs more rapidly than other Keratin products. After indulging in this treatment, you’re left with hair that is healthy, strong and shiny. Novex Max Keratin works wonders for people who use a lot of heat tools, bleach or chemically process their hair.


Novex Brazilian Keratin Deep Hair Care Mask – Finding the right daily treatment is a start to smoothing out your locks, adding a hair mask into the mix really speeds up the process. If you’re new to hair masks, basically this magical concoction smothers your hair in vitamins and nutrients to make it super soft. This enhanced treatment restores smoothness and shine while deeply repairing the hair shaft. This Novex formula is perfect for all different hair types and is enriched with Vitamin E as well as Brazilian Keratin protein. So do you and your hair a favor, spend a relaxing evening in by coating your entire mane in the deep hair care mask for at least 30 minutes, the longer the better. You will be amazed by how soft your hair is after you rinse it out!


Blindagem Heat Protector Leave In – Heating tools and leave-in conditioner go together like holiday cookies and milk, it’s just better when they are together. Before going hard on your hair with a curling iron, make sure that you apply leave in conditioner. This step is crucial because it adds another layer of defense against extreme heat to keep your strands healthy after your curling iron has it’s way with them. In addition to reducing hair damage from heat tools, the heat protector also eliminates frizz against excessive humidity and prevents breakage.

This gift set has everything your hair needs to restore moisture and protects against everyday damage so your hair can grow healthy and strong. The Novex Brazilian Keratin Ultimate Replenishing Gift Set makes an awesome stocking stuffer or a great gift on its own. You can even treat yourself to great hair and purchase this gift set for personal use. To get more information and purchase the set, click here.


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